We at Airheads Scuba want to provide you in-depth and personal training so that you can be the safest, most knowledgeable diver possible. The SDI advanced diver program is a semi-mentored program.  You are required to have a minimum of 25 logged dives and hold four specialty ratings.  Once you have achieved the Advanced diver certification you are truly advanced over the normal advanced diver from other training agencies.  Depending on the specialties selected, the actual dives can generally be accomplished over one or two weekends.


1) Basic scuba equipment: BC, tank, regulator with octopus,

computer, and exposure suit

2) Compass, knife, bottom timer with second hand, and two dive

lights (possible night dive during the course)

3) Save a dive kit

4) Basic tools for minor equipment maintenance

5) Slate

6) Redundant air supply for the deep dives. (This may be rented)

Specialty courses:

Altitude diver     Advanced Buoyancy and Trim Techniques    Computer diver    Deep Diver      Drift diver    Equipment specialist     Marine ecosystems awareness    Research diver     Shore/beach diver    Underwater navigation     Underwater video    Nitrox diver (TDI)     Boat diver    Computer nitrox diver (SDI)     Diver propulsion diver (SDI)    Dry suit diver     Ice diver    Night - limited visibility diver     Search and recovery diver    Underwater hunter & collector    Underwater photography    Wreck diver     CPROX administrator    


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