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Dale is one of the founders of Airheads Scuba.   He started diving in 1990, and since day one he was bitten by the sport.  He took to heart that his entry level scuba course was his license to learn.  His greatest love in diving is cave diving.  It is not for everyone; but for those that hear the call, caves are some of the most beautiful places on earth.  

Dale has been an open water instructor since 1993.   In addition, Dale is a technical instructor and Instructor Trainer through TDI for Nitrox, Advanced Nitrox, Decompression Procedures, Nitrox Blender, Oxygen Service Technician, Advanced Gas Blender, and Draeger Dolphin and Ray semi closed circuit rebreathers.  He is also an instructor for extended range diving, and trimix classes.

Personally, Dale has certifications in all of the above classes as well as in full cave.  He also is qualified to work on Poseidon, IDI, Sherwood, Dive Rite and OMS regulators.  He is also a Draeger Dolphin and Ray Semi closed circuit rebreather repair technician. He feels he is never finished learning.  He is active in the research and development of a closed circuit rebreather.   

Dale is a co-owner in another company which has specialized in the manufacture of nondestructive metallurgical inspection for twenty years.  Due to his technical expertise, he was requested in 2000 to author the TDI/SDI  student and instructor texts for their Visual Inspection Procedures program. (Visual inspection of scuba cylinders, in addition to being a legal requirement, has become a real safety concern after recent cylinder failures.) 

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