Instructor Development Course


Instructor level for SDI consists of two phases.  The Instructor Development Course (IDC) and a separate Instructor Evaluation Course (IEC) using a second instructor trainer.  This helps to maintain the high standard of instructors in SDI.


The IDC consists of 5 days with 40 or more hours of intense training to review your knowledge and skills necessary to teach students how to safely dive.   This is a pass no pass course.  You should be ready before you get to an IDC.   In most cases, failing an IDC will require you to re-enroll and pay again the IDC fee.  The purpose of this phase is to polish and round any rough edges you may have..

Topics covered in detail are physics, physiology, equipment, environment, dive rescue techniques, teaching of specialties, leadership traits and qualities, standards and procedures, legal aspects of diving, methods of instruction, diver control techniques, dive management.  There are also pool and open water evaluations.


1) Age 18 or older

2) Certified divemaster or assistant instructor.

3) 100 logged dives

4) Certified CPR, First Aid, and Oxygen Provider

5) Current medical examination

6) Completion of Instructor Evaluation Exam.

Detailed equipment requirements can also be found on the TDI/SDI web site or at Airheads Scuba.

Qualification of Graduates

Successful completion of this course will allow you to attend an IEC within 6 months.


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