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               Kaye on a cave dive.

Kaye is one of the founders of Airheads Scuba.  Kaye has been diving since 1990.  Due to her strong belief in the importance of education, she completed four more courses within six months of obtaining her open water certification.  She is a Master Diver, Full Cave diver, and Rebreather diver.  Kaye recently receivced her bachelor's degree and is now enrolled in the graduate program at U of L working on a masters in education.  She has a strong interest in foreign languages and marine biology.  She currently works part time for the Jefferson County school system as a substitute teacher.

Kaye's specialization at school in Spanish means we can offer bi-lingual training for our divers.   

Kaye's special interest in ecology and marine biology can be seen at Kaye's site

Email me at;  kaye@airheadsscuba.com