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What is local diving for Airheads?  Basically any location within about three hours of driving or less.  Louisville, Kentucky is not blessed with an overabundance of dive sites.  The closest site open to the public is in La Grange. 

The first quarry I dove was Hanover, aHanover, In,   a really nice place.  It was undeveloped.  It had large shallow areas and some deep areas.  Kentucky DIve Headquarters leased it from the owners.  It was closed by the owners, due to abuse of privleages by the gate keeper; one quarry down.  One of our funnier dives there was when one of our divers saw a catfish down in the cold dark water about 60ft.  He thought it was dead and when he went to touch it he nearly soiled his suit.  It didn't want to be bothered!

I have dove the quarry near the Gene Snyder to recover a Gator Tractor, interesting dives to be sure.

I have also had the pleasure to dive the Utica, Indiana quarry, not a deep quarry but nice.  It was only used by the fire department.  After they abused their access to the quarry, the owners closed it down. (It was never opened to the public).

Another quarry in the Indy are is White River.  My recolection of it was zero vis, and I mean zero vis.  I never went back.

There is another quarry in the Muncie area that I have not dove;   Depth  55 ffw  Philips Quarry

Below is a list of some of the quarries we have visited.  Remember:  part of the fun of diving is the camaraderie.

Falling Rock Quarry *- LaGrange, KY      Maximum depth is 50 feet with an average of 38 feet.

Hidden Paradise - Indianapolis area        Average depth of 25 feet

Pennyroyal - Hopkinsville, KY                   Depths vary from 30 to 120 feet

Martha's Quarry *- Martha, TN                Depths vary from 20 to 50 feet

Mermet Springs - Metropolis, IL             Depths vary from 50 to 120 feet

Plum Run - Peebles, OH                         Depth runs 70 to 85 feet - Dive site close fall 2000 - web site closed May                                                                 2001   It appears this quarry is closed for good.  It was an outstanding site.                                                                         CLOSED   Article on what happened

Madison Aquatic Park - Madison, AL    Depth runs from 50 to 60 feet   - CLOSED

Alabama Blue Water - Birmingham, AL   Depth runs from 30 to 140 feet

Blue Springs - Waldron, IL                         Depth runs about 50 ffw and very cool on the bottom CLOSED

* Quarry report available on the link

Last update  23 July 2020