Examines the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures to execute solo dives.




Minimum of 100 total logged dives (excluding training dives)

Advanced diver certification or equivalent

Signed medical waiver

Twenty one years old

Required Equipment:

Standard scuba tank with pony bottle setup for backup or

Standard scuba tank with H-valve for redundant regulator or

Double tank setup with isolation manifold

Two complete regulators (first and second stage combos)

Depth gauge and automatic bottom timer (or computer)

Exposure suit adequate for the environment to be dove

Lift bag and reel

* Two computers or bottom timers recommended


Course Requirements:

6 - 8 hours classroom

4 open water dives

200 yard surface swim in full scuba gear


We at Airheads Scuba want to provide you in-depth and personal training so that you can be the safest, most knowledgeable diver possible. The SDI solo diver program is not for everyone. We do not accept all candidates.

We realize that many divers dive by themselves, but this in no way makes them "solo divers".  They are neither trained or knowledgeable in the hazards they may exposing themselves to.  SDI's Solo Diving certification empowers you with specific knowledge into the hazards of solo diving to enable you to make a sound risk analysis of this type of diving.

Some of the skills you will have to demonstrate are:  200 foot swim with no mask, ascent from 50 fsw with no mask with a proper safety stop, shutoff of primary supply and switch to redundant system and ascent with safety stop from 100 fsw, and above average skills in buoyancy and trim control.  You will also have to demonstrate dive planning and execution of the dive plan.



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