Technical instruction, due to its inherently high-risk nature, is offered only to those individuals who the instructor believes meets the minimum basic requirements of:

a) sound psychological attitude as to the nature of technical diving

b) good physical conditioning

c) financial resources adequate to obtain the appropriate equipment and training necessary to execute the dives safely.

All technical classes are knowledge and performance based.  In-water skills must be performed to the level required. Enrolling in one of these classes is no guarantee for certification.


Training in the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures to use trimix (helium based mixes) as the primary breathing gas for depths to 200 feet.


Decompression Procedures certification

Minimum of 100 logged dives (excluding training dives)

Required Equipment:

Total volume and number of scuba tanks be adequate for all planned dives

Stage bottle for deco gas

Jon line and other necessary lines for site to be dove

BC adequate to handle necessary gear


Extra tanks for decompression stops (properly cleaned and labeled)

Travel mix tanks if needed (properly cleaned and labeled)

All required regulators for above tanks (also properly cleaned)


* All tanks must be properly cleaned and labeled for EAN mixtures

Depth gauge and automatic bottom timer (or computer)


* Two computers or bottom timers recommended

Exposure suit adequate for the environment to be dove

Access to an O2 analyzer

Lift bag and reel

Course Requirements:

6-8 hours classroom

4 dives for 100 minutes of bottom time

2 dives in excess of 150 feet


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