Posiedon Xtreme Deep


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New Poseidon Xtreme

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Poseidon Xtreme

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Xtreme first stage

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Dale In Cow


What can be said of the Poseidon Xtreme is hard to put into words.  Those that are Odin / Jetstream people can understand.  All others will have to try one.  The Poseidon Odin has been the benchmark performance regulator for all others to emulate in reliability and performance.  Well, the Odin has to now take a second place seating.  The  new Xtreme line of regs are all nitrox compatible and with the exception of some O-ring materials have been designed with oxygen use in mind.  The breathing characteristics are very similar to that of the Odin / Jetstream with some distinct improvements.  It is definitely a dryer breather in all positions than the Odin.  (An Odin which is a wet breather usually has a maintenance problem)  The lack of a +/- switch is a welcome improvement, yet without it there is no more tendency for free flow than the Odin in the minus position! 

Some things to keep in mind:

All other regulators have been tested to 65 msw, but the Xtreme has been tested to an amazing 200 msw (650 fsw) !!!

Internal volume of the second stage is small to minimize dead air space and CO2 buildup.

Inhalation and exhalation WOB is an amazing ,07 joule at 150 msw !!

Novel design of the high pressure seat (patented) to eliminate IP creep and assure optimal reliability.


Brochure of Xtreme Regulators  Sorry for the quality.  It is scanned from the original.  1.1M word doc