You can see the placement of an additional O-ring.  I use either a Parker 2-029 or an O-ring for the exhalation side.  Just lub it and lay it in the bottom.  You will have to use some pressure to re-assemble it.  It does a good job.  This was later removed and the unit permenently epoxied.  See below.

It seems that the Draeger engineers are consistent if nothing else.  They used the same criteria on the the Oxygage.  (use of one O-ring  in a situation where side forces can allow intrusion of water behind the O-ring.)  In that case, I lost two oxygauges before I realized the problem.  See PO2 article.


ORING.JPG (76221 bytes)

We removed the O-rings, cleaned the pieces and epoxied them in place.  You can swivel the mouthpiece by loosening the hose clamp rings and rotating it.  Much better solution.

dolphinmouthpiece.JPG (858079 bytes)


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